Why choose DSQConsulting ?

Many complex international projects lose time and money due to communication problems between clients and suppliers : the technical documentation may be incomplete or incoherent, or indeed poorly translated. Objectives are not well defined or understood, cultural differences can generate misunderstandings, usually discovered too late ! For other projects already underway, insufficient or wayward results require synergistic action to respond to the client’s needs.

In a large number of cases, these situations are due to major misunderstandings between the client and the supplier. These misunderstandings can be linked to :
–  International cultural differences
– Differences of scale and operating methods between the various parties
– Fundamental differences in technical background and approach to issues

Such experience-based observations encouraged the Founder of DSQConsultancy to set up a company dedicated to mediation between the principal client and the supplier in a win-win situation 

  • The client is reassured as to the capacity of the supplier to deliver what he needs in terms of quality and quantity
  • The supplier knows that he is accompanied by someone familiar with the vocabulary, practices and operational methods of the client. 

How does DSQConsultancy work ?

DSQConsultancy provides its clients with analysis, advice or proposals designed to improve the client’s quality performance.

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Give to the mechanical industry the management of their international subcontractors.