Aims & Steps of DSQC

The aims of DSQConsultancy

1/ Provide industry leaders with the necessary methodology, tools and guidance in order to achieve their quality objectives.
2/ Implement these tools end-to-end, throughout the processes of conception, industrialisation and execution.
3/ Manage the performance – price – deadlines interaction throughout these processes
4/ Prepare manufacturers for Qualification Audits such as ISO 9001 (Third party Audit)

The key steps

Assistance in understanding vocabulary, methodology and client expectations
Identification of the company’s quality objectives as well as regulatory requirements or constraints
– Proposal of a work methodology in order to fully or partially implement a quality management system within the company.
– Participation in implementing methodologies and ressources for the Company
Follow-up on results and convergence of objectives, definition of the corrective actions to be taken if necessary
– Continuity of the implemented actions and formalising of guidance measures in the form of a Mission Report